Welcome to Dry Rock Trees & Nursery. Your source for all natural evergreen trees! *** Free shipping on orders over $100 *** The spring ordering season is now over. Most varieties we have are sold out and no longer available for spring 2024 shipping. We have begun listing our Fall 2024 stock for sale and will be updating it further over the next few days. Thank you very much for your support! We are increasing our inventory to help accommodate more customers in the future! *** Free shipping on orders over $100. *** Free local delivery to Cheyenne!

About our Trees & Plants

All trees and plants here at Dry Rock Trees & Nursery are grown naturally without the use of any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.  They are also all hand processed without the use of automation equipment.  This allows us to inspect and care for all of our plants on a more individual basis giving you the customer a much better quality tree or plant with a greater chance of survival in your location.

This is a Scotch Pine evergreen right after germination in our nursery.


What you can expect on receiving your trees.

1.  Evergreens are delivered as plug seedlings primarily.  These are trees grown in trays with cells 5" deep and 2"wide at the top.  Each tree grows its roots in these cells until it fills the cell and "plugs" it.  When you get the tree (see photo for an example), all of its roots are intact and the tree is ready start growing immediately in the spring or be ready for the dormancy of winter in a fall shipment.

2. Deciduous trees are generally delivered except where noted in a standard #1 gallon size container or a 4"w X 9"deep Treepot with 100% root system intact and the soil in which they were grown in. (See photos for examples) These are shipped live in the spring after the trees come out of dormancy or late fall before leaf drop.  No more wondering if your trees are alive or not when you get them.

#1 Gallon Pot


4 inch x 9 inch Tree Pot

Some of our evergreens also come in 3 5/8" x 6" square pots as well.  These square pots easily stand upright by themselves without the need for carrying trays and the grid bottom allows for good root ventilation and water absorption from the bottom.

Please note that since all of our trees are shipped with soil and are not bareroot products, some US states impose shipping restrictions.  Notably California and Oregon do not allow shipping of any live trees or plants into their states.  Other states may have specific restrictions as well.  If you have questions on whether your state allows a specific species, please contact us at info@dryrocktreesnursery.com and we will be happy to check on it for you.