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Norway Spruce Seedlings

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Norway Spruce Seedlings - (Picea Abies)

Available as plug seedlings or larger potted sizes.

Fall 2024 ordering  is  available.

What you get:

A naturally grown Plug Seedling of 3-6, 8-12 inches size or a potted 12-18" seedling. See About Our Trees & Plants for Details.

When you get:

Ships during the Spring or Fall each seasonal year according to your zone.  Select your shipping season during order.

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Product Information:

The Norway Spruce is one of the more popular spruce trees planted around the world and is often used in both the lumber and Christmas tree industry.  Its faster growth habits (up to 3 feet annually) at younger ages allow it to become a relatively nice sized tree within a few years of planting.  It has a nice cone shape during its youth maturing into a large size tree up to 130 feet tall.  The needles are short with blunt tips from 1/2 to 1 inch long with a rich, often dark green color.

Norway Spruce originates from Europe dominating the Scandinavian forests and thrives well in the US in cooler, moist climates.  Here in Wyoming, once established Norway Spruces will live and tolerate the harsh Wyoming conditions but would require watering in its early years.  In other northern and northwest states, it should do well as long it has adequate moisture during its first few seasons after planting.  Also, this spruce has good animal resistance especially from deer, but may attract rabbits as seedlings.  As always, its a good habit to protect the trees while young from nibbling predators.

Quick Info:

Zones - 2-7

Sun - Part shade to Full Sunn

Altitude Range (Approximate) --- Sea Level - 6500 feet (0m-2200m)

Soil - Fine to Medium textured - Tolerant of poor soils but prefers Rich soil

Ph Range - 5.0 - 7.0

Moisture - Medium (24-60 inches precipitation annually)

 Size - 20 year height - 20 feet, at maturity 75 feet

 Growth - moderate to fast (12-36 inches annually) when young, slower when older.

 Age - up to 400 years