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Ponderosa Pine Seedlings - Willamette Valley

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Ponderosa Pine Seedlings – Willamette Valley 

(Pinus Ponderosa var. benthamiana)

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What you get:

An all naturally grown (no chemical fertilizers or pesticides used),  plug seedling of 3-6 inches of size. See About Our Trees & Plants for Details.

When you get:

Ships during the Spring or Fall each seasonal year according to your zone.  Select your shipping season during order.

Product Information:

We are pleased to offer the Willamette Valley variety of the Ponderosa Pine this spring 2024.  Adapted to the unique environment of the western coastal states of USA, it is legend of a tree.  Genetically different from ponderosa subspecies in other ecoregions, it usually has longer needles (up to nine inches) and is suited to higher rainfall in valley bottoms, as well as drier slopes.   The WV Ponderosa though is not as cold hardy as its Rocky Mountain cousin.  Still, it grows throughout the western USA up into Canada.  It is also prized as a lumber tree as well.  Mature trees stand tall over 200 feet in the wild.  It is also one tough tree with thick bark to resist fire and a deep tap root allowing it to be extremely drought resistant.  It does well in most soil types including rocky soils where it is known to send its roots down between rock layers to anchor in.  The long needles and deep roots make it a survivor in the toughest conditions.  It is also valued as one of the most attractive trees for windbreaks. 

Quick Info: 

Zones 6-9  
Sun - Full 
Soil – Medium to coarse soils.  Loam to rocky but well drained.  More tolerable of wet areas compared to Rocky Mountain variety.  
PH 5.0-9.0 
Altitude Range – Sea level to 5000 feet
Moisture – Moderate usage, adapts to 12-40 inches annual precipitation
Size – 40 feet in 20 years, 230 feet at maturity
Growth - Moderate

Age – Average maximum age is 300-600 years.