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Fraser Fir Seedlings

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Fraser Fir - Abies Fraseri

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What you get:

An all naturally grown (no chemical fertilizers or pesticides used),  Plug Seedling of 6+ or a 12"+ inch size plug seedling. See About Our Trees & Plants for Details.

When you get:

Ships during the Spring or Fall each seasonal year according to your zone.  Select your shipping season during order.

Product Information:

Fraser fir is a needled, evergreen tree in the Pinaceae (pine) family native to the Appalachian Mountains in the southeastern United States. 

Fraser fir grows best in full sun to light shade and moist, well-drained, acidic, loamy soil, but does not tolerate heat.  This tree has a narrow, conical shape when young and grows to 30 to 55 feet tall with a trunk that is 1 to 2 feet thick. It is commercially farmed in North Carolina as a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree industry has ranked it as the number one Christmas tree species! 

The needles are fragrant and long-lasting making the fraser fir an excellent specimen tree for a garden for the blind, a children’s garden, or a recreational play area. 

Quick Info:

Zones - 4-7
Sun - Full
Altitude Range (Approximate) - 1000-6000 feet (350m-2000m)
Soil - Medium textured
Ph Range - 3.5- 5.5
Moisture - Medium (45-100 inches precipitation annually)
Size - 20 year height - 20 feet, at maturity 55 feet
Growth - Moderate 12-15 inches annually
Age - Up to 150 years