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Eastern White Pine Seedlings

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Eastern White Pine Seedlings - (Pinus Strobus)

Fall 2024 ordering available

What you get:

An all naturally grown (no chemical fertilizers or pesticides used),  Plug Seedling of 3-6 inches size. See About Our Trees & Plants for Details.

When you get:

Ships during the Spring or Fall each seasonal year according to your zone.  Select your shipping season during order.

Product Information:

The Eastern White Pine is an attractive pine tree with a moderately fast growth rate averaging 20 inches or more annually.  Native to the eastern half of the United States, it likes moist soils and higher humidity but will tolerate drier areas as well which is why we have begun to offer it here in the Rocky Mountain region.  The long, feathery needles on the tree make it a favorite for windbreaks, ornamental, and Christmas Trees.  The dense foliage on this pine also attracts birds and provides excellent nesting cover and food sources after it begins producing seed.

Quick Info:

Zones - 3-8 
Sun - Full 
Altitude Range (Approximate) - 1000-7000 feet (350m-2200m) 
Soil - Medium textured 
Ph Range - 5.5 - 7.5 
Moisture - Medium (20-50 inches precipitation annually) 
Size - 20 year height - 35 feet, at maturity 120 feet 
Growth - Moderate 12 - 28 inches annually 
Age - Up to 500 years

Attracts birds and small mammals.